After two days in the capital of Slovakia we will visit the nearby charming city of Vienna. We have all heard so much about this city. Τhe capital of classical music, architecture, nostalgia and dreams, a city that will make a huge walk in palaces and gardens, offering a high quality of life and at the same time a unique European model. Viena is aristocratic, eclectic, authentic and alternative. Our mission is difficult. we only have three days to explore the city. We will make it;

Why go to Vienna for 3 days

- For a romantic weekend with your other half.
- If you have visited Bratislava you can explore both cities like us.
- If you are fond of Classical music and opera.
- To know why Vienna is the ideal city in  all over the world for people to live.

When to go?
- Christmas: to enjoy one of Europe's finest Christmas Markets.
- New Year's Day, because celebrations for the New Year include gluwein and waltz.
- In January, to see it snowy!
- In Spring or Summer, because when the weather is good, there is more to do.


Tip !! if you want to visit all the museums and palaces in Vienna you will need a lot of money. I suggest that you buy the Vienna Card .Depending on the days you are in the city you can choose the duration of the card. Another positive thing about this card is that you can use the buses around the city.

Where to stay?

Schottentor (our choice!)

We chose to stay in the Schottentor area, which is a transport hub. The Schottentor Station is serviced by the U2 metro line and many tram lines. From Schottentor Station in just ten minutes you are in the old city of Vienna.


Stay in Neubau if you want to try the indie side of the city, surrounded by creativity and design. Think of galleries, hot coffee and a youthful, modern atmosphere. It is the new hipster belt in Vienna. Name: Spittelberg.


Stay at Mariahilf for the same reasons as Neubau, as the neighborhoods are neighboring and are separated only by Mariahilfer Avenue. Given geographic proximity, there are no significant differences between the two - except if Mariahilf is perhaps a little more devoted to trade. Both have large hotels where they will stay in Vienna


Stay at Wieden if you want an equally alternative but more bold and multicultural neighborhood. A mixture of hipster hippie, with students

Certainly the capital of Austria has many attractions to visit. which you will find too much information in the Tripadvisor. but we will choose

Top  places you must visit 

The Schönbrunn Palace
Ιs the absolute must-see,. Outside, because perfectly symmetrical gardens are perfect snowy, blossomed. Whenever you go a wonderful piece of nature within the city. Why are the gardens where Princess Sissy made her gymnastics and horse riding. Inside the Palace the lust, the artwork and the museum will enchant you. For a few minutes you will feel something of the rich royal life in the palace. Tip!Do not forget to get the acoustic guide to learn a lot of gossip about Sissy, but also Marie-Antoinette, who was basically born here.

The Belvedere

Still a beautiful palace with a thrilling garden and a terrific advantage by hosting the top paintings of Klimt!

We booked tickets for a show is the best way to enjoy it. It is a stunning historic building but only internally. So you have to go in! Tip!! Don't buy tickets from itinerants who wear traditional uniforms. It's  a scam. These tickets are for small exhibitions in small neighboring theaters and not in the Vienna Opera

The Cathedral of St. Stephen - Stephansplatz

It is so central and so huge that you will not miss it. In the center of the commercial sidewalks, where the horse-drawn carriages stop, where the picturesque streets of traditional taverns start, there is this impressive church dominated by it. Even more impressive in its interior!

Impressive church with a dome, but what a dome! Inside, there is an elevator or stairs to get to the top and see the impressive frescoes.

Clearly the best museum of Vienna and this one with the greatest interest. It features some modern art collections that will surely make you get away from the classicism of the city. The exterior staircase, which is usually hosted by famous artists, is also beautiful

Things to do 

Enjoy The City View , If you want to enjoy the view of the city there are several places like The Donauturm , St. Stephen's Cathedral , We chose The Giant Ferris Wheel if you have bought the Vienna card you can get free .

Dinner at a traditional Austrian tavern , why Austrian food is not just Schnitzel. They have something incredible soups, ideal if you go winter, make their own goulash and their wines are amazing. What should you try?
Schnitzel, either chicken or porkSoups, there is so much variety of tastes and ways of serving as you have tasted as many as you can. The Viennese goulash , for those who are interested there is also a vegetarian version of this Hungarian dish. However, it is different here than in Hungary or the Czech Republic

Visit a historical / traditional coffee , there are two or three cafes with a history in Vienna. At one, Graham Greene wrote the Third Man. On the other, Klimt and Freud were drinking their coffee. They have a queue (perhaps the only queer sights in Vienna), but the decoration inside is so elaborate, worth the wait.

Αll of the above is what I recorded so that I can share with you my experiences from the trip to the capital of Austria. I hope you find my information useful and enjoy the city at any time of year and choose.