Quick Excursion in South Evia Greece Part1

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Α hot and adventurous Saturday morning, my friend Kostas and I, started our journey
from Attica to South Evia. Throughout our trip we were honored to be accompanied by
a motorcycle Legend One Translalp 600-1993.

Our next stop was Agia Marina (loc. 38.180602, 24.059336) 8:30pm

From that point we boarded on the ferry boat to pass across Nea Styra Evia (loc. 38.180470, 24.207535).Ιnformation on ship  Timetables There is also a ferry boat from Rafina Attica (loc. 38.023375, 24.010088) to Marmari Evia (loc. 38.048550,24.319673) Timetables.

Our next destination was mountain Ochi (1400 meters 38.059282, 24.466055)with an intermediate stop at Karystos for refueling.

Refueling in progress  9:47pm.


Αfter 41 minutes and 15.7 km of we arrived at the foot of the mountain 10:55pm 

We started climbing. Note that the route is quite easy for beginners. In a few meters you may find the shelter where you can take a short break.

We continued climbing to reach the top at 1400 meters.It's hard to lose the path, as there are lots of signs that point the direction. let's take a break with an view from Karystos 12:12am


After almost one hour we reached 1300 meters.This is where you can find an old church of Prophet Elija


As well as stone settlements for which few things we know about them until current day. Locals call them "Drakospita" which means "Dragon houses".Drakospita wiki While reaching the top of mountain Ochi, there was a huge surprise waiting for us! This is where we found the biggest "Drakospito" (Dragon house) of all,  and indeed this was a breathtaking site for our eyes!

Our journey ends here.


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