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One of the most popular adventures on the island is fishing. There are many ways to fish on the island.I choose it with a canoe the advantage of this choice is that you can approach the point where you can fish easily and with minimal cost.

Google maps Screenshots 

Limnonari Beach Glossa-Skopelos Point Poordinates

it's time to get started!!!

With the help of the kayak, you can fish far away from the coast to get better results.Today Weather is too good I wish my friend to be lucky.I think luck is the most important assistant for best results.

Αfter four hours of fishing it's time to get back

We have to prepare the fish for the evening meal!

Bon appetit!!

I wish I could live today more often. We did it very well today regardless of the current result
i think there is no more beautiful feeling in nature with friends and family.


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In this post, I will show the way from the hell of the city to my own paradise.
Next  Stop Skopelos!!

There are several ways to get to the island.I choose the quickest and most cheap because I don't have much time nor a lot of money.So I choose Κimasi the port of Mantoudi. Μore information and boat schedules  are available here Boat Info let's start...

Chalcis Bridge ,Evia

On the Road 

Mantoudi , Evia

When you get into the boat, everything is over in an hour and 45 minutes  you will be on the island
There are two ports Glossa and Skopelos (capital) .

Photo  from boat

On the Island Road