Τhe most exciting way to explore an island is with a canoe. My Canoe Kayak (ExplorerK2).I bought the canoe. It is very good (VFM) for the money it costs, however, there are much better on the market.I was on the island and i decided to go and find my friends on the beach with the canoe

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Crossing 3.77 miles within two hours,
On the way I stopped several times to enjoy nature.

Preparing Time ..

The advantage of the kayak is that you can explore the beaches of the island that are not accessible by the road. Since I bought the canoe, I have known many hidden "Treasures" that I did not know about their existence.

I have to pick up my Canoe .After such an action, this may be the most boring moment of the day

but it must be done quickly and correctly!

Almost Done !!