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Τhe equipment of each traveler varies . I'll talk about my equipment that she's meant to offer flexibility in mountain, sea and city movements. On trips and excursions the space you have for your personal belongings is limited all equipment should be  fit within a backpack  so you can feel comfortable and enjoy every moment  but at the same time you can capture everything you need. Μy equipment is not expensive and always purchases are made with a value-for-money bier.
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1. SmartPhone 

Xiaomi Mi A1
I just installed the software of GOOGLE PIXEL CAMERA (+HDR)
the quality of images is fantastic.

2. ActionCamera
a) Elephone EleCam Explorer Elite 4K
b) Sony HDR-AS50
4.Tripod YUNTENG Aluminum Light Weight Tripod

Garmin Fenix 3 

6.Power Bank

7. BackPack
Unfortunately I did not find my backpack on the internet there are many  that you can choose with the basic purchase the hardness of the material since it will be…


We live in a time when everything around us runs while we try to reach them we forget the beauty that is near and they are waiting for us. Οne morning I left everything behind to go and discover a beach for which i have heard so many flattery words!!!
Next stop Sounio Attica
Lets find the Cape Legrena Beach

Legrena Beach   (KAPE BEACH)
It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Attica with clear waters. A great drawback that gathers a lot of people and you can not find a corridor to enter the sea.  I suggest that you do not visit the beach at the weekend but if you go, get there too early in the morning. You need to have a shade umbrella with you. Above the beach there is a beachbar. From there you can buy drinks, coffee, soft drinks and cold meals.

Then we will pass from the temple of the Poseidon a place that every visitor must visit . Τhe location of the temple is unbelievable and all around it springs an unexplained energy probably fired from the past

Tample of Poseidon 

The Athenians, …