We live in a time when everything around us runs while we try to reach them we forget the beauty that is near and they are waiting for us. Οne morning I left everything behind to go and discover a beach for which i have heard so many flattery words!!!

Next stop Sounio Attica
Lets find the Cape Legrena Beach

Legrena Beach   (KAPE BEACH)
It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Attica with clear waters. A great drawback that gathers a lot of people and you can not find a corridor to enter the sea.  I suggest that you do not visit the beach at the weekend but if you go, get there too early in the morning. You need to have a shade umbrella with you. Above the beach there is a beachbar. From there you can buy drinks, coffee, soft drinks and cold meals.

Then we will pass from the temple of the Poseidon a place that every visitor must visit . Τhe location of the temple is unbelievable and all around it springs an unexplained energy probably fired from the past

Tample of Poseidon 

The Athenians, by building the Parthenon, honored Athena as one of the two contenders of the city's name. In Sounio they dedicated the temple to the second contender, Poseidon. Maybr there wasn't better place than this. A sixty meter rock above the sea, at the southernmost point of the city. From there, those who leave by boat from Athens spend the last time or the spot you meet first when approaching. The location of Sounio is related to the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur and how the sea that spreads in front of the tip has the name we all know Aegean Sea. The place has unbelievable beauty and harmoniously combines the triptych of sun-sea-history that fits so well into this corner of the world.

Αt sunset, a beautiful day had passed full of memories and being..