RHAMNOUS " Οne of the most important municipalities of ancient Athens "

One day exploring the archaeological sites of Attica with the help of GoogleMaps
I accidentally discover the archaeological site of the Rhamnous.

Rhamnus, was an ancient Greek city in Attica situated on the coast overlooking the Euboean Strait. Its impressive ruins lie northwest of the modern town of Agia Marina in the municipality of Marathon. The site was best known in antiquity for its sanctuary of Nemesis, the implacable avenging goddess . Her most important in ancient Greece. Rhamnous is the best-preserved Attic deme site. It was strategically significant on the sea routes and was fortified with an Athenian garrison of ephebes (young men). A fortified acropolis dominates the two small harbours located on either side of it whichhave silted up extensively since antiquity and into which grain was imported for Athens during the Peloponnesian War.
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 The Temple of Nemesis

 The Ancient Road to The City

 The Ancient City Of Rhamnous