There are many times I want to escape from the city. Εarly in the morning and we start with the destination Kosta. I will pass for a few hours on the island of spetses and then return to Epidauros. During the trip I was lucky because the sun rises through the Aegean Sea.

When I arrived at Kosta Port it had dawned.We will take the ship and pass across. Every hour a ferry boat starts from Kosta to Spetses.

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Spetses (Modern Greek: Σπέτσες, Katharevousa: Σπέτσαι, Spetsai, Ancient: Πιτυούσσα, "Pityoussa") is an affluent island and a municipality in the Islands regional unit, Attica, Greece.[2] It is sometimes included as one of the Saronic Islands. Until 1948, it was part of the old prefecture of Argolidocorinthia, which is now split into Argolis and Corinthia. In ancient times, it was known as Pityoussa, and later as Petses.

The island is now an independent municipality (pop. 4,027), with no internal boundaries within the municipality. The town of Spetses (pop. 4,001 in 2011) is the only large settlement on the island. The other settlements on the island are Moní Agíon Pánton (pop. 0), Ligonéri (4), Ágioi Anárgyroi (18), Kouzoúnos (4). Also part of the Municipality of Spetses are the islands of Spetsopoula, Falkonera, and Velopoula (all uninhabited). The municipality has an area of 27.121 km2.[3]


Α quick walk in the picturesque village of the spetses and then to the beach  Agious Anargirous where we will discover the  Bekiris Cave.

 An unusual aspect of Spetses is the absence of private automobiles in the town limits. The most common modes of transport are walking, horse-drawn carriages, bicycles, mopeds, and motorcycles. Only taxis and delivery vehicles are allowed in the downtown area. Ferries and high-speed hydrofoils arrive regularly from Piraeus. Trails encircle the island and total about 25 to 30 km. Beaches closest to the town of Spetses include: Agios Mamas in the center of town; and Kaíki (previously College) beach 1 kilometre (0.6 miles) to the northwest and Agia Marina 2 kilometres (1 mile) to the south, both of which offer water-sports. Public buses serve beaches furthear outside town, including Zogeria, Agioi Anargiroi, and Agia Paraskevi. 
Bekiris Cave

Bekiri's Cave on the west of the island, a stone's throw from Agioi Anargyri beach, is one of the major attractions on Spetses. You can reach it by road or sea. However, you should know that neither way is easy. If you come by road, follow the path which starts with cement steps from the new pier on the north side of the beach, pass through the pine forest until you come to the new concrete steps that descend to the entrance. A recent landslide has made access to the cave difficult without blocking the entrance, though. If you come by sea, you have to enter the cave by swimming because of its low ceiling. You can easily see the entrance as there is a red indicator. Once in the cave, the sight is rewarding! There are stalagmites, a small sandy beach and clear blue waters. There are several folk stories which over time relating to the name of the cave. One of the most relevant suggests that Bekiris, who was chased by the Turks and and hid there until he was found and killed, lived there. Another says many women and children saved from the Kasteli massacre during the 1770s sought refuge there. However, one Spetses resident called Bekris gave them up to the TurkoAlbanians. According to tradition, the Greeks stopped coming out of the cave when the sea was stained crimson from the blood of slain siblings.

 See you soon !!