My Uncle's Farm Skopelos

The people of the village used to spend the summers on farmland many times for working purposes (picking and processing fruits such as almonds and prawns) and others just to be close to nature living without the usual comforts. 
I decided to visit the farm on my summer vacation and share it with you. My Uncle's farm is made up of the cathedral with the animals, a small garden and a small traditional house.

The work we have for today is to feed the animals,
we take the milk from the goats which will later become fresh cheese. Then we take care of the mule and take a short walk with him in the countryside. Βecause we do not get the animals to graze, we have to take care to cut branches to eat.

Then we will take the branches to the farm so that we can hang them and the goats can dine :)

 Time for Milking!

We ended up with the care of all.
Νow we will enjoy the nature of our company with a Greek coffee and a traditional sweet .