Benefits of Traveling the World!

You thought of traveling as a kind of lazy rest after months of hard work? It is far beyond that. Traveling is a way of life and it brings lots of benefits that you cannot deny.If you want to find out, why so many people travel, and why you should travel too, read this article about  benefits of traveling the world! I was long thinking of writing this article to show, what are the reasons I love to travel so much. Traveling is beneficial for you in many ways.
Discovering Yourself
Travel to discover yourself, the more you travel, the greater the opportunity to introspect and retrospect. Travel is indeed a great teacher, it not only teaches you about the World, it also teaches you about yourself and your place in the World.
Changing Yourself
Travel to be transformed. The more you travel and come face to face with new experiences, there is a slow change happening within you and your perspectives about yourself and the World gradually change.
Becoming More Tolerant and Understanding
Travel makes you more tolerant, sensitive and understanding. The more you travel and come across new cultures, you start accepting more and more. You realize that yours is not the only way to live. There are many more cultures out there, from which one can take a leaf or two. So, in essence, travel broadens your horizons and gives you a 360 degree, global view.
Appreciating Your Home More
It may sound weird. It seems that when you travel, you discover new beautiful places and countries and you never want to come back home. But, there is no place like home, and you realize it even more when you travel. You start realizing that your home is special in its own way, it has something that the other countries don’t have.
Open Mind and Less Prejudices
The reason why you should travel is because it will give you an open mind and create less prejudices. I used to be afraid to travel because I had all of these preconceived notions that people from certain countries were bad people. But, once I started traveling the world I realized that wasn’t true and that all over the world humans are pretty much the same. I would estimate that 97% of people are good but the 3% bad ones get the media attention.
Best Education
In my opinion, travel is one of the best forms of education. It opens your eyes to the world, helps you appreciate and learn about different cultures and different ways of life. Whether you’re feasting on unfamiliar foods in far-flung lands, gallivanting the glove or watching wildlife, travelling takes you out of your daily comfort zone and into a wealth of opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise experience. As Saint Augustine once famously said, «The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.»
Discovering New Cultures
I love to travel because I love learning. It is hard to travel, to truly interact with other cultures without leaning something new. This might be something about the German student movement when traveling through Germany or how courtship works in the Berber culture in Morocco. I love the days when I am traveling that make be just say “huh”. “Huh, I didn’t know that or huh, I never thought about it that way.” Some days travel is a puzzle to solve like when you are standing in front of a subway ticket machine in Berlin and you don’t speak a word of German.
The biggest benefit from travel is the understanding that the world is bigger than our small part of it. By traveling, we can see how other people live. Through seeing other cultures we can adopt novel good things that we see and appreciate things about our culture that we didn’t realize were special and unique. I hope that this will increase our empathy in dealing with people even in our own bubble.
Discovering the Beauty of Earth
You should travel to see all the incredible beauty on this earth we are gifted with. There are so many forms of beauty in the deserts, mountains, oceans and fjords. Seeing all these ecosystems can give us a more concrete understanding of what we can lose if we don’t take care of nature.
Understanding Other People Better
There are many reasons why people travel. Many travel to escape from their lives or their problems. Other to know different cultures. Still others travel because it’s cool… I love to travel because it helps me to be more kind and more understanding with other people. People who never travel are bombarded by a certain kind of propaganda whose purpose is to create divisions and make us believe our neighbors are terrorists. The more you travel the more you’ll find out that we are all the same and all share the same feelings and emotions. Travel doesn’t necessarily make you a better person, but it can definitely help.