Davelis Cave at Penteli

Is one of the three mountains in the Attica  with an elevation of 1,109m The mountain is covered in large part with forest (about 60 or 70%), and can be seen from southern Athens (Attica).Recently I read an article on a secret cavein the mountain with the name of the dam.

The cave did not initially have a passage to the outside of the mountain. The inside of the cave was discovered by the ancient Greeks when they painted the mountain to produce the Pentelic marble. In antiquity there was a sanctuary of Panos, while during Byzantine times it was a monastery retreat that had been installed almost all over Penteli, the so-called "Ammon", from where it was named. In the modern times, during the tradition, it is reported to have been the hiding place of the obstetrician Davele, from which the most famous name of the cave, although it never proved this.

I decided to go and discover this cave and get to know the nature of the mountain!


Εxterior view of the cave

Ιnternal view of the cave

Αfter the cave we decided to go to a nearby monastery to indulge our coffee and see the sunset from there.