My Eurotrip (Still Counting!!)

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Ιt all started in the summer of 2012. I have heard about low-cost airlines that have just arrived in Greece. So we decided to make the first trip out of our country. For most of my friends and for me it would be the first time! In a few days we had decided the destination
In October we were flying to Budapest!

Budapest chewed us from the first moment. Everything looked so foreign to our eyes. Buildings, people, nature. Always when you do something for the first time you will remember it forever. So it was with our trip to Budapest so far to mention moments from that trip.After the trip to Budapešť everything had changed. As I had boarded the plane for the return journey and looked at the pictures from that moment i decided that every year I will try to save money to travel. I want to make new friends around the world  to get acquainted with new civilizations to learn from them and every time i will embark on the return to be full of pictures, knowledge and experiences. These will be my booty. hoping someday to be billionaire!!!
Since then, I have traveled to seven different countries in Europe when alone, with my girlfriend, with friends. I wish I could continue to travel and every time I return to my country I am full of pictures and experiences. The purpose of this post is to complete my own Eurotrip Map 

   Budapest 12-17 October 2012
 Barcelona 12-15 September 2014
 Bratislava 18-20 February 2016
  Vienna 20-23 February 2016
  Italia 18-25 November 2016  (Florence ,Bologna ,Venice ,Milan
 Berlin 12-16 November 2018
Edinburgh 6-9 February 2019
Gdansk 12-15 April 2019