Then it was time to leave from Mount Ochi (14.02) .Our excursion continued until our next stop at Epanochorion (Επανωχώρι) . Actually we were looking for the village's water springs. According to the local people, these water running is very cold at summer and warm at winter.Behind us, Mount Ochi (14.32)I hope we come back again during winter. The distance between Mount Ochi and village Epanochorion is 15 km and approximately 40 minutes ride.On the way you can see landscapes of pure nature.

Then we find an old bridge , we have almost arrived.We sat a while to enjoy this particular scenery and the sounds of nature (15.24)

Eventually the water was more frozen than we expected.The only thing remaining now, is to come back at winter to see if the water is warm as the locals say and find out if they tell the truth!

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This is where we relax and where we get something traditional to eat

and afterwards with the sunset , we head back to the return port. it's... traditional meal time with a great beach view!!! (17.46)
And this is where our adventurous excursion came to a satisfactory end.