Exploring Lake Doxa at Feneos

The peculiarity of the Location and the variety of activities make Doxa Lake a unique destination for the visitor. Surrounded by a forest with a variety of trees.Though the lake is at high altitude (900m) and surrounded by mountains,it retains rich reptiles and birdlife.

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Lake Doxa  is an artificial lake at an altitude of 900 meters, located in Ancient Feneos of Korinthia. Its construction was completed in the late 1990s.Ideal for walks in nature and the scenery that offers mountains that have embraced it.  At the center of the lake we see the chapel of Agios Fanourios that completes the picturesque aura that exudes the whole environment. On the way, you will find itinerant producers  where must definitely buy local sweets and honey. Many times you will meet campers even though there is no room for it. Around the Lake, the visitor can find in its villages sights, archaeological sites, guesthouses, traditional cafes and food, as well as activities that will surely leave his interest unaffected.

At summers , many activities and events take place. The most important is the "Triathlon of the Lake" that takes place every summer. Additionally, the Gura Cultural Club organizes various sports activities such as walking, lakes, canoeing or kayaking, and cycling tours. 

For the most active visitors if you leave a bit from Lake Doxa and climb up to the plateau of Zirinia, we will find there the ski center of Zirinia. There you can find ski slopes for beginners and more advanced skiers and snowmobiles. will enjoy mountaineering trails and come into contact with the pure nature. 

Also an interesting route for hikers is the walk from Lake to Agios Georgios Monastery.The Holy Monastery of Saint George is characterized as "new" to distinguish it from the old onethat was lower in the lake.In the Monastery of St. George there is also the Hidden School that functioned during the Ottoman empire. It is still in excellent condition and is offered for a visit.

During the Revolution of 1821, the Monastery functioned as the Headquarters, where under the leadership of Th. Kolokotronis several meetings took place of chieftains from Corinthia and Arcadia.
The view from the  balcony of the Monastery is imposing and peaceful, offering a scenery of wild nature  and panoramic view of the Lake .