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Exploring Edinburgh

For the first time I will travel along with childhood friends to fulfill  a promise of reunion in Edinburgh.Τwo of our friends are living in the capital of Scotland, they are economic migrants.I have not traveled to the united kingdom again in the past but i have heard so much about the beauties of this city and I am curious to discover them.The best time to visit the Edinburgh is from spring to autumn. In August take place most of the city's festivals.We chose the winter as ticket prices were very tempting!!
Edinburgh is often referred to as "North Athens" for many reasons a first comparison between the two cities revealed that they had the same topography as the old city of Edinburgh corresponded to the Acropolis in Athens. Both cities were in a plain that ended in a harbor Piraeus in Athens and Leith in Edinburgh. Also,  Edinburgh was the center of the Enlightenment, many hoped that it would culturally influence London, in the same way that Athens influenced Rome.

Winter Excursion to Skopelos

Sentoukia Skopelos
After a busy month of continuous work and without real free time, the day that I was going to visit my homeland came.  I enjoy once a year to escape to the island in the winter.Τhe winter on the island is completely different from the summer. I enjoy the walks in the deserted streets of the village, listening only to the sounds of nature.It's magical feeling when  you are trying to forget  the city's dungeon.

I chose to travel with  a Motocycle  since the weather was very good for the season and secondly we move more comfortable without restrictions on the island.

We will start from Athens to Mantoudi where it is the port from where we will take the ship to pass across the island! ANES LINEShere is the Web Site  which you will find the route schedule.Αll the way after the city of chalkis is exciting, whenever you want  you can take a break to enjoy nature and breathe fresh air .

Skopelos is a green island with rich natural beauty.The days that I will be here wil…