Exploring Edinburgh

For the first time I will travel along with childhood friends to fulfill  a promise of reunion in Edinburgh.Τwo of our friends are living in the capital of Scotland, they are economic migrants.I have not traveled to the united kingdom again in the past but i have heard so much about the beauties of this city and I am curious to discover them.The best time to visit the Edinburgh is from spring to autumn. In August take place most of the city's festivals.We chose the winter as ticket prices were very tempting!!
Edinburgh is often referred to as "North Athens" for many reasons a first comparison between the two cities revealed that they had the same topography as the old city of Edinburgh corresponded to the Acropolis in Athens. Both cities were in a plain that ended in a harbor Piraeus in Athens and Leith in Edinburgh. Also,  Edinburgh was the center of the Enlightenment, many hoped that it would culturally influence London, in the same way that Athens influenced Rome.

Edinburgh is the city with the happiest inhabitants of the United Kingdom.From the first moment at the airport we realized it. All of them smiling and willing to help you in what you need!Τhis warmth of people makes you love this city it isn't coincidence that no one in the end wants to leave it.

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Explore Οld Town

Visit the Old Town with large squares, between the streets whichmaking public markets or fencing public buildings such as the Courts. Old Town in which stands out the famous University of Edinburgh, the Royal Museum, the Royal Mile
the most popular pedestrian street that connects the Castle with the Holyrood House, the winter home of the kings of the past - and the official Queen's residence in Scotland today.As you will cross it, the beautiful medieval buildings and the Gothic churches on both sides will make you feel like a hero of fairy tales

Edinburgh Castle

At the end of the Royal Mile, you will meet the Castle, the city's trademark, which has been built around it.It has been built on an inactive volcano for more than 800 years and operated as a royal palace as a prison, but also as a Parliament. If you want to have a full picture of Edinburgh, then the Castle is ideal for enjoying the great views of the beautiful Gothic rooftops of the Scottish sky.

Panoramic View Edinburgh

Climb to another central hill Calton Hill.There you will find the incomplete National Monument, an attempt by the Scots to acquire their own "Parthenon", but surely it is that the spectacle also steals the panoramic view of the city that you can admire after climbing the 170 steps of the Nelson monument!
if you like hiking another choice to see the panoramic view of Edinburg is Arthur's Seat.Located in Holyrood Park, at the end of the Royal Mile. This large, grass covered hill is the remains of an extinct volcano that erupted 350 million years ago.Arthur’s Seat is the highest point of this extinct volcano.
Although the origin of the name is uncertain, some claim that there is a connection between Edinburgh and King Arthur. Arthur’s Seat may have been the location of legendary Camelot.

Walking at The Stockbridge

Α nice walk over the royal gardens is to walk
along the river Lith there you will see St Bernard's Well after you arrived there make a quick pass from the Circus Lane.Ιs a hidden diamond for the visitor to Edinburgh. It is a very picturesque small mews lane, formerly there were the stables of the mansions that have now become very expensive homes.Τhe area has been known through photos of visitors shared in instagram.


friends, known and of course for yourself. Start at Princes Street and George Street and from there get lost in the gorgeous streets to discover other more alternative ... hangouts. Do not be too late to decide what you will get because the shops are closed at 20:00.


I advise you to "skip" expensive restaurants  and eat with delights from some of the many street food you will discover during your tour.If you like the intense tastes tasted haggis is a traditional recipe of the city.Haggis is a Scottish dish consisting of a sheep's or calf's offal mixed with suet, oatmeal, and seasoning and boiled in a bag, traditionally one made from the animal's stomach.I suggest in the morning before you start to taste a soup there are so many local recipes and they are all perfect. especially if it's winter will keep you warm for a long time


The city in relation to the rest of the united kingdom has an intense nightlife. First is the capital of the pubs you will find many on every alley in the city.I suggest to try PubTour.You can insert in for each one to drink a beer and leave. that's what we did!!!.Afterwards you can go to one of the clubs at Cowgate St Don't be late to go because all the night Clubs close at 03:00 regardless of the day.I suggest you avoid days like Friday and Saturday because many people are gathering and forming tails outside the clubs. At the same time, the locals drink too much, resulting in many times losing control so be careful .