Five places on earth that you can't visit

If you  like us, you will surely be tempted to look for alternative ways of approaching the following places, reaching the end of this post. If you are a normal person, you will just be sketchy with some of them. Anyway, here are five very interesting parts of the planet closed to the public.

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway

In the depths of the Arctic Circle, on a mountain slope to ensure that it remains above sea level, even if all the ice are melting, there are 100 million seeds stored - to restore the entire flora of the planet in the event of a disaster . All countries (even North Korea) have stored their seeds here - Syria has indeed taken back some of them in 2015 to re-plant grains damaged by the war. Read more about the Treasure Seed HERE

The North Island of Sentinel, India

The Indian Ocean Sentinels are one of the few tribes of the world that have not come into any real contact with modern civilization. In 2006, two fishermen who accidentally entered the area were brutally murdered by the natives, and since then the island is a forbidden zone. More interesting details HERE

The Gate of Hades (or Plutonium) in Hierapolis, Turkey

Strabo writes in one of his narrations that "every living organism that crosses its gates falls dead." He even describes how he threw two sparrows, which almost died immediately. What Strabo did not know was that, as scientists discovered in 1965, carbon dioxide levels in Plutonium are so high that they are enough to kill both animals and humans.More info HERE

Surtsey, Iceland

This little island of the Atlantic did not exist before 1963 - it was created by a volcanic eruption, which lasted for three whole days. The scientific community has decided to keep it intact to study how an ecosystem develops from scratch. There are few scientists working on the island who are not allowed to carry any seed with them.MORE INFO

Area 51, USA

Around 150 kilometers from Las Vegas, the famous Area 51 remains one of the most mysterious places on the planet, with the US government officially declining its existence until recently - 2013, to be precise. The area is primarily used by the CIA and the US Air Force for experiments because of its secluded position in the Nevada desert. It is, of course, better known than conspiracy theories that want experiments, secret meetings, even an alien autopsy to take place in the area, which is clearly too strictly blocked.