Hiking up to Sinai Mountain Egypt

15:39 Cairo ,
An adventure starts from Cairo to the monastery of the Saint Catherine, climb to the top of the mountain in order to see the sunrise in the morning .We, the driver and the van are ready to start!!During the trip the security measures were very strict. The army that protects the area has stopped us several times for checking identities and documents .They were very friendly with us Αfter six hours driving we  arrive to Sharm El Sheikh 

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21:00 Sharm El Sheikh ,
is a city and port of Egypt in the Red Sea and Governorate of South Sinai where it is also its capital. With 73,000 inhabitants known for what peace talks have taken place between Israel and the Palestinians. It is considered a very popular tourist destination. One of the reasons for this is because the city is located next to the Ross Mohamed National Park, which attracts many tourists and diving enthusiasts.We made a stop to find something to eat. then continue to the monastery. From there, we will begin climbing to the top.

01:00 St Catherine
It's been almost 12 hours and just arrived at the monastery there will be a tour guide waiting for us to climb the mountain. Τhe great thing is that he speaks Greek this hashelped us too much.He informed us that all monks are Greeks more than Crete and  from them they have learned to speak. During the ascent of the route there were many traditional Bedouin stalls. Υou could have a break with a hot chocolate or traditional tea it was an incredible experience that I will never forget.Ιf you are tired there are many eager camels.Camels are very important to the Bedouin, so it came as no surprise that some of the plants had a veterinary function: “This yellow flower is Rabel, the camels eat it so they don’t feel thirsty, and this bush,” said Musa indicating a fairly nondescript bush with leaves of grey/green, “is Guurdi – we use it for camels with constipation.” that will take you on the route. Αfter four hours. we reached the top

04:34 Sinai Mountain's Top ,

We look forward to seeing the exciting sunrise. Τhe time has come.
You feel that life is born with sun!!

It is time to return to the Monastery we will eat breakfast and we will have a rest for a while we will come back from the short path.It's only 3789 steps!

Useful Info :
Anyone can arrange it for themselves without forward planning.St Catherine’s: more than just Mt Sinai and the monastery.Most visitors to St Catherine’s take 45 minutes going round the monastery and a two-hour walk up Mt. Sinai with an over-priced tour group from Sharm el Sheikh. Undeniably wonderful experiences, but it could be so much more interesting without taking much more time away from the diving or beach – and easy to arrange at St Catherine’s.It really is do-able for families with young children, giving a change of scenery and a very accessible glimpse of a different way of life – even better it’s only a good 220 km road from Sharm el Sheikh.

07:30 St Catherine,

We did it ,

It's time to fill up batteries ...

When to go:

Weather-wise, St Catherine’s is attractive option, it lies 1000 m above sea level in the mountains. Rainfall is a bare ½ inch a year throughout The Sinai, but Sharm el Sheikh and Dahab can reach a sizzling 45oC to +50oC in the summer.Ancient St Catherine’s Monastery though it remains a cool 30oC in summer and in January, Mt. Sinai can have snow – it is a contrast at any time of the year.