How do people find money to travel?

If you are one of those who believe that "travels want money" you probably have not met any of those "strange", sworn travel enthusiasts who are turning the world almost unceasingly.

If you get to know one of them, you first learn one thing: How travels do not necessarily mean money. They want something more difficult: you do not want anything else.

What would 'nothing else' say? No nice home in a nice neighborhood, no monthly internet connection, no food outside, no bars and drinks with friends as long as you're here, no coffee every day at work, no espresso machine at home, no megabyte on the phone, no Netflix, neither kitty, nor children ...

This is the brief answer to "How does the world find travel money": It sacrifices everything else. Now, if you are not one of them, and you are comfortable with a trip this year, take some tricks that will help you do it without eating every day a pulp while staying in a home without internet.

You can get rid of everyday wastage. For example, reduce your smoking and your daily coffee at work then put more legumes in your diet. all this in the long run will provide you with a sufficient amount of money to cover your trip. Beyond that, you will also do good to your health.

Choose destination wisely: Eastern Europe is much cheaper than the West. The villages of Eastern Europe are much cheaper than its cities. The Near East is much cheaper than that. The people who discovered the islands (most expensive) Croatia ten years ago laughed with those who spent their money in Mykonos and Ibiza. In addition, you always get better, and hang out with much more interesting people in places that have no other tourists except you.
Be more careful in the place you choose to eat. Yes, we do not say, it is very nice to travel with your other half to eat a menu of three dishes and two bottles of wine in the light of candles on the seaside. However, it is also nice to search and find out the shops that the locals eat, these pubs do not have English menus, and you may need to order in luck, but their food is nine times the ten delicious - and pungent .

Make Couchsurfing You are enrolled (free of charge) in a global community-phenomenon that has managed to unite millions of people who share their sofas and their stories, host your home in your home when you are not traveling and, respectively, host a home in the most unlikely places of the world when you travel. Couchsurfing may not be the "little bit" community in the world and be criticized for the masses it has acquired, but it is the number one way to get to know the culture of the country you are visiting. He just wants more, and more careful, to read "on everyone's profile

Become a volunteer: The super-cute WWOOF (from the original World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, or opportunities in organic farms around the world) provides you with shelter and food in organic farms in return for voluntary work. Beyond the chance to live (free of charge) in an idyllic setting in the Bohemian forests or the French Alps, in villages far from tourist development, which would hardly be visited otherwise.