Travel to Egypt

Why did I travel to Egypt?
the answer is very simple: for the adventure! I wanted to live something different and unique beyond Europe's borders. I wanted to discover that it has been left behind by the ancient Egyptian culture. I have heard too many stories about how safe you are to travel to Egypt after 2009.  I have to say that was scared a little but I said I would try and believe me I was justified and It remains an unforgettable experience .

Is Egypt safe to visit in 2019?
As i visited Cairo i realized that a tourist may feel secure in this city. Υou will feel a little uncomfortable because most of the city's residents will stare at you, since you are something different for them. It only requires a few hours to adjust into the city's life and atmosphere.

City of Cairo 

What to say about this city with over thirty million to live there. What impressed us from the very first moment was that on the road the drivers do not use traffic lights. People, cars all without priority under the constant sound of the horn! an unforgettable experience if you compare what is happening in the countries of Europe. It takes a lot of attention when you pass a road. The city has a wild beauty. The people of cairo almost never sleeps. The stores close at 11 pm  and open at 11 am.The standard of living is far too low , families live in apartment buildings' terraces with absolutely basic goods. Walking along the shopping streets you will get a smell from the cosmopolitan Cairo of 1960-1970. Today you only see abandoned mansions that remind you of the glory of the past.

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Ιn terms of our transfer to Pyramids and  old Cairo, we had our private van with a Egyptian driver but also a tour guide .But you have to be very careful about the choice of trips because most travel agents try to scare you so that they can carry you everywhere with private van something that costs a lot more. Life in Egypt is too cheap. For example, we had a taxi all day for our trips with only 10 euros. 

Old Cairo

Is so named because it is the oldest part of Cairo, and in fact, predates what is now Cairo. Some Egyptologists believe that there was a settlement here as far back as the 6th century BC. Later, the Romans built a fortress here which we call Babylon. Some of these Roman walls still exist. Later, it became a Christian stronghold, with as many as 20 churches built within an area of one square mile. There are only five remaining, but these are certainly a must see when visiting Cairo, along with the earliest Mosque ever built in Egypt. In addition, after the fall of Jerusalem in about 70 AD, the area also saw an influx of that religion into the area, where the oldest synagogue is also located. Most of Pharaonic Egypt is a relic of one of the Worlds first and grandest religions, including the great Pyramids outside Cairo. Yet if the modern world can be said to have four major religions consisting of Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism, then three of those are represented by some of their most ancient relics in this section of Old Cairo.

Pyramid at Saqqara

His is the world's oldest major stone structure and earliest pyramid, built for Pharaoh Zoser of the 3rd Dynasty by his architect Imhotep Its construction was initially in the form of a low mastaba tombupon which extra levels were gradually added to give it a step-like appearance.Underneath Zoser's pyramid was a complex system of corridors with a burial chamber 28 meters underground .Nearby were the Mortuary temple, a Great Court and various other structures.This structure unprecedented in history, represented a giant leap in building techniques, as a result Imhotep was deified by later generations. 

The Great Pyramid's of Giza

Is the oldest monument on the list of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It is also the only one left standing. It is a marvel of human engineering and construction, and its sheer size and scale rivals any structure built within the last few hundred years. It's construction, though, has always been the subject of much debate among scholars, because of its massive size and near perfect proportions.
The Great Pyramid of Giza was built for the Fourth Dynasty Pharaoh Khufu (or Cheops), and was completed around 2560 BCE. It is part of a complex of 3 large pyramids in the Giza Necropolis located in modern Cairo, Egypt. The Great Pyramid is the largest of the three pyramids, and it is part of its own smaller complex that also contain 3 small pyramids that were built for Khufu's wives more


If you want to turn the pyramids on a camel. Let the travel guide arrange the price because there are many passers-by offering you a better price. Do not trust them can drive you where they want and ask for much more to get you back. Many such incidents have occurred with visitors and mostly women.

Our camel friend was rather friendly and cheap (no gas needed!!!) but it was about time to be adventurous.We rented ATV motos with only five euros. The road trip  lasted one hour at sunset. It was an unforgettable experience.

Food in Cairo

In the capital of Egypt you can eat in expensive restaurants at the cost don't exceed  5-7 euros per person. In the area of  Garden City where there are many embassies you would find the best restaurants in the city.Also on the Gezira island there are great restaurants with European menu.Υour choice can be helped by applications Google Maps and TripAdvisor. Do not forget to try the Egyptian traditional dish "Kushari" is very cheap and tasty.


Τhroughout the city the water is super-chlorinated to scrape germs. Ιt is forbidden to try it. You do not drink water from anywhere except sealed bottles from the market. You don't add ice to drinks  also avoid vegetables as they will usually be caught by this water.


Cairo is not known for nightlife, however, if you are a night out lover  you can go to the new Cairo where there are several clubs. Otherwise you can enjoy a cocktail overlooking the city lights in one of the five starts hotel's roof Top near the river Nile.