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Great our world and has a lot to show.Many are competing to browse albums of others, watching shows and postcards.But they are also those, the anxious spirits who want to see with their own eyes what they see on their screens and magazines and books. However, they are divided into two categories.To tourists and travelers.Many do not perceive the difference But there is no similarity between the tourist and the traveler
Tourist is the one who carefully plans his trip months ago. He always has a map with marked points that he definitely wants to visit. The photographic is permanently on his throat and has photographed the great sights from every angle. If it is released in the evening, it will drink a relaxed drink and return to sleep. He will get up early to eat breakfast and continue the race, to prevent being there while the museum is free to enter. He only cares about his destination and his big goal is to see as much as possible from what the tourist guide suggest…


Read in  English Όταν ήμουν παιδί επηρεασμένος από τα Anime που έβλεπα τη νύχτα συνήθως ονειρευόμουν  ότι πετάω . Ακόμη και τώρα βλέπω μερικές φορές παρόμοια όνειρα . Άλλωστε ποιος δεν έχει ονειρευτεί ότι πετάει ;Ίσως είναι αυτό το αίσθημα τις ελευθερίας που θέλει να νιώσει ο άνθρωπος άλλα δυστυχώς οι γρήγοροι ρυθμοί ζωής μας  δεν τον αφήνουν. Έτσι λοιπόν ενώ έχω παρατηρήσει ότι μια μικρή ακροφοβία την έχω αποφάσισα να κάνω skydive και για λίγα δευτερόλεπτα να " πετάξω ".

Τι είναι το Tadem ?

Το άλμα tandem είναι ένας ευρέως διαδεδομένος και δημοφιλής τρόπος γνωριμίας με την ελεύθερη πτώση.Είναι ένα άλμα που προσφέρει όλη την εμπειρία και την αίσθηση του skydiving σε όποιον δεν έχει πρότερη εμπειρία, ενώ τον έλεγχο και την ευθύνη της πτήσης τα έχει ο tandem instructor, ο οποίος έχει εκπαιδευτεί ειδικά για αυτά τα άλματα. Εσείς, είστε ο επιβάτης και ο tandem instructor είναι ο πιλότος αποκλειστικά για εσάς.Και πράγματι, είναι μία πτήση

 Πρέπει να γνωρίζω : 

Φοράμε άνετα ρού…

Athens's Secret Waterfall

Often i escape to nature to get rid of the intense life of the city.Athens is a town with a great location near mountains and sea. I prefer both accordingly season !!Today I will try to discover a hidden treasure so close to the city center that I didn't  believe it. We will move north east to Mount Penteli and the Ntrafi area there following a path, we will end up in a waterfall. A small waterfall that in the winter months has enough water and impresses.the place is untapped.
   Location  :

 Things To Do:

Τhe best thing to do there is to enjoy nature and relax.Take with you coffee, water and snacks and enjoy a picnic under the trees. If you visit the place in the summer take a towel and your swimsuit with you maybe you will  want to fall into.if you like hiking then you can explore the gorge, you will see various species of fauna and flora. Unfortunately, most of the area has burned in the past and the landscape is completely different. Βut it still remains exciting.

When to Go:

Yes, …

Discover Wydma Łącka The Unique Sand Dones in Europe

If you are in northern Poland then you must visit the Słowiński National Park. There you will meet something unique throughout Europe. Huge sand dunes between the Baltic Sea and the Park. Surely you will not have seen anything like that in Europe again. It is a vast desert that you have to cross over to end up in the Baltic sea for a swim . Unfortunately when we visited the area, the temperature of the water was too low to be able to swim.
How to get to the Słowiński National Park 
With Train From Gdansk : By train from Gdansk to Lębork. Because the train station is crowded, i suggest that you ask a question on the information. they were very helpful and they speak English, they will give you correct information how to get there two hours duration.When you get to Lębork just outside the train station there are small local vans which go to Łeba 35 minutes duration.

With Bus From Gdansk & Gdynia : If you have visited the area in the summer it is easier because there are buses Flixbus t…


Looking for a low budget destination this spring , Poland was top of  our list since we can find quite cheap tickets. However, we did not want to visit Warsaw as it is spring we wanted to landscape out of cities. So we chose the city of Gdansk. Why? Baltic Sea's City offers us what we were looking for a history, cheap and  nearby natural attractions.
Our trip will take four days from Friday to Monday , Flights to Gdansk here we also find a cheap room via Booking.

Poland is a cheap country the same and the city of Gdansk however in places where there are tourists the prices are higher. The currency of the country is zloty and  the exchange rate with euro is 1 euro 4.30 zlotys. Advice! The best way to make exchange is to go to ATM of Narodowy Bank Polski take cash. It would be good to have the cash withdrawn once to pay one time a commission.

Where to Stay in Gdansk 

Of course in the old city, the cost to rent an apartment is cheap , you may feel that you are carried back to th…