Athens's Secret Waterfall

Often i escape to nature to get rid of the intense life of the city. Athens is a town with a great location near mountains and sea. I prefer both accordingly season !! Today I will try to discover a hidden treasure so close to the city center that I didn't  believe it. We will move north east to Mount Penteli and the Ntrafi area there following a path, we will end up in a waterfall. A small waterfall that in the winter months has enough water and impresses. the place is untapped.

   Location  :


 Things To Do: 

Τhe best thing to do there is to enjoy nature and relax. Take with you coffee, water and snacks and enjoy a picnic under the trees. If you visit the place in the summer take a towel and your swimsuit with you maybe you will  want to fall into.if you like hiking then you can explore the gorge, you will see various species of fauna and flora. Unfortunately, most of the area has burned in the past and the landscape is completely different. Βut it still remains exciting.

When to Go:

Yes, I know that only weekends are available. If you choose to visit the area at the weekend, do it before 12 o'clock because then there is a lot of people and you can not enjoy the landscape. I visited the area in the  Wednesdays morning and there was no one only me and the nature.


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