Discover Wydma Łącka The Unique Sand Dones in Europe

If you are in northern Poland then you must visit the Słowiński National Park. There you will meet something unique throughout Europe. Huge sand dunes between the Baltic Sea and the Park. Surely you will not have seen anything like that in Europe again. It is a vast desert that you have to cross over to end up in the Baltic sea for a swim . Unfortunately when we visited the area, the temperature of the water was too low to be able to swim.

How to get to the Słowiński National Park 

With Train From Gdansk : By train from Gdansk to Lębork. Because the train station is crowded, i suggest that you ask a question on the information. they were very helpful and they speak English, they will give you correct information how to get there two hours duration.When you get to Lębork just outside the train station there are small local vans which go to Łeba 35 minutes duration.

With Bus From Gdansk & Gdynia : If you have visited the area in the summer it is easier because there are buses Flixbus that go directly to Łeba  from Gdansk and Gdynia.duration is two hours and half .

With car : It is definitely the most relaxed and happy way to get there. If it is summer, I suggest that you do not enter the park from Swiedzino not from the Łeba because at summer   it´s overcrowded .

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Arriving to Łeba from there  to the Wydma Łącka  is eight kilometers. There are several ways to cross the park  hiking, cycling and even electric cars for older people and who  are not friends with outdoor activities.we rent bikes from the village. 8 zloti  per hour, the whole cycling took about three hours. Have some water and snak , you will definitely stop to enjoy the magic landscape.Crossing the park You can take amazing pictures of the dunes, the blue sky and white sand completely amazed us.
This is one of those places where you do not care if crowds gather, because the majesty of the place seems to make a swarm of people insignificant. Nonetheless, to come here first thing in the morning and enjoy the 8 km walk to the big dunes at roads end in relative solitude is lovely. The dunes completely reshape from year to year, to the extent it is supposed to be like visiting a different place. The vastness and serenity of the beach is also lovely!!

It was a wonderful experience: the forrest looked magical, we had and encounter with a curious little fox but the highlight were the dunes: it really looked like a desert and after the walk in the sand finally reaching the sea is like a prize! We took the train from Gdansk to Lebork and afterwords a bus to Leba. Everything is really cheap in Poland (compared to western countries) so it definetely is worth a trip!