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When I was a child  influenced by the Anime series  at night I usually dreamed of flying. All people we have dreamed of something similar. Maybe it is this sense of freedom that all people want to feel unfortunately the fast pace of our lives does not allow us to enjoy this freedom . Αfter some searching about skydive I decided to try it. I will be able to fly in just a few seconds as I did in my dreams.

What is Tadem?
The tandem jump is a widespread and popular way of getting to know it. It is a jump that offers the whole experience and sense of skydiving to anyone who has no prior experience. Flight control and responsibility rests with the tandem instructor, who is specifically trained in these jumps. You rather passenger, and the tandem instructor is the pilot exclusively for you. And indeed, it's a flight.

I should know 
  • We wear comfortable clothes and shoes, the best is sportswear. There is no reason to change your eating habits, and of course you are not fasting. i woke up early in the morning ate pretty well and left about 3-4 hours until skydive.
  • It is forbidden to take videos and photos inside the airport, do not worry the team has equipment to cover your experience.
  • Your weight should not exceed 105 kg.
Learning the correct posture of the body
Take a short tour before getting on the plane

A Few info About Flight:

Starting at a height of 11,000 feet and landing on the ground, but that doesn't mean we are falling. In the first part of the jump - in free fall - our vehicle is our body. We will be in such a way and with special equipment tailored to one another to fly like a body. ("tandem" means "one behind the other.") In the second part of the jump when our parachute has opened our volatile means is our dome, this wing from which we will be suspended. We will fly in the face of this spectacular view of the Fat Throw Zone and land comfortably and safely in a particular area !!

We just jumped from 11,000 feet!

I don't think there is anyone who did skydive and wasn't scared. The first 40 seconds I felt something unique flying over the clouds I felt the fear and adrenaline in my body. Time was running very slowly when I asked Dimitris how long was the skydive  and he answered me in about 40 seconds. I could n't believe it . When the parachute is open you are done taking deep breaths and enjoying the view and the natural scenery under your feet. 
Αfter opening our parachute
Commemorative photo with Dimitris after everything went perfectly under his guidance!
At this point I would like to thank SkydiveGreece for the invitation. It is a non-profit organization made up of a crazy group of people who are united by their love for the sport. Their aim is to share with us the magic of skydive. Thanks!! for the unique experience I have lived in and will remember forever!

For prices - Offers - instructions and anything else you need contact them!!

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