Great our world and has a lot to show. Many are competing to browse albums of others, watching shows and postcards. But they are also those, the anxious spirits who want to see with their own eyes what they see on their screens and magazines and books. However, they are divided into two categories. To tourists and travelers. Many do not perceive the difference But there is no similarity between the tourist and the traveler

Tourist is the one who carefully plans his trip months ago. He always has a map with marked points that he definitely wants to visit. The photographic is permanently on his throat and has photographed the great sights from every angle. If it is released in the evening, it will drink a relaxed drink and return to sleep. He will get up early to eat breakfast and continue the race, to prevent being there while the museum is free to enter. He only cares about his destination and his big goal is to see as much as possible from what the tourist guide suggests. When he returns home, he has half a suitcase full of souvenirs, a tired body and a mind filled with images of sightseeing. He may not even have seen the funny and enjoyable part of a city. She has not met her people and their culture at all. He is happy to have seen and photographed what he has seen for so long in travel shows

The traveler on the other side doesn't care about the destination. He will never plan to travel. He will take a backpack and he will travel at every opportunity. If he does, he will do auto stop, sleep in his baggy sling, climb mountains, and sleep in awnings hung from a rock. He could travel to Barcelona and he did not visit Sagrada Familia, but he would definitely set out on del Sol and he will drink sangria with the Catalans. If he is young and has no money, he will look for any program that comes out of the State Scholarship Foundation and he will thus combine travel and study. otherwise he will leave a volunteer as long as he has a bed and a meal. he can not travel only once a year and visit all the sights. He forgets his watch, he does not have a camera, And in the end he wins the real experiences. For him the most valuable is the experience of the trip. Discovering neighborhoods that others will not see. Talk to the locals  eat and drink with them traditional foods and drinks, to be confused with them, to dance and to stay with them. When he returns, he has not bought tourist souvenirs instead of this he was leaving souvenirs in the walked places a piece of himself and took with him the sunrises, the view, the tears, the hugs and the smiles.

In the end, it does not matter if you are a tourist or a traveler, but do what expresses you and take what you want from your trips. You can always try to achieve a combination of both the traveler and the tourist.