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Looking for a low budget destination this spring , Poland was top of  our list since we can find quite cheap tickets. However, we did not want to visit Warsaw as it is spring we wanted to landscape out of cities. So we chose the city of Gdansk. Why? Baltic Sea's City offers us what we were looking for a history, cheap and  nearby natural attractions.

Our trip will take four days from Friday to Monday , Flights to Gdansk here we also find a cheap room via Booking.


Poland is a cheap country the same and the city of Gdansk however in places where there are tourists the prices are higher. The currency of the country is zloty and  the exchange rate with euro is 1 euro 4.30 zlotys. Advice! The best way to make exchange is to go to ATM of Narodowy Bank Polski take cash. It would be good to have the cash withdrawn once to pay one time a commission.

Where to Stay in Gdansk 

Of course in the old city, the cost to rent an apartment is cheap , you may feel that you are carried back to the Middle Ages, and even though substantial parts of the town consist of reconstructions from after WWII, The old town of Gdańsk is pedestrianized ,beautiful and quiet  We made our walks on the Dluga and Mariaka pavers, admired the beautiful buildings with the elaborate gutters we were photographed in front of the Town hall and the Poseidon fountain. In the old town you will find a variety of cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, ice cream parlors musicians and florists! Overall it's very beautiful, it's worth a not hasty tour!

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Where to Eat in Gdansk 

Definitely a meal in the Pierogarnia Mandu Just outside old town we ended up at Mondu. A small queue of hungry people but we were soon let in. Good beer and great service started a very nice evening. Potati soup and chinese dumplings made it perfect. also another restaurant where you can taste Polish cuisine is Gdanski Bowke Great food, so much value for the money! Impeccable service. Advice! Ιf you  do not have enough to spend on food but want to taste local cuisine you can go to Bar Stągiewna  and with a little money to eat much more I love this place i  went twice.

Thinks to Do in Gdansk 

Exploring Old Town 
A real treasure with a wide selection of lively restaurants, beautifully restored buildings. You can chill out on the riverbanks or get lost in the small streets that lay behind the gates between the colorful facades. The town is full of people, there is a busy but not too crowded atmosphere. The prices are very reasonable. Everyone is kind and speak English.In the Old Town  there are many bakeries. I found the best with local tradinional bread W-Z. Bakery !! 

Visit the Muzeum II Wojny Światowej w Gdańsku
This is the museum every one should visit. It tells the whole story of a second world war from the reasons that led to the rise of fascism and the horror and terror in the wartime including holocaust. The museum is located in the walking distance the old town and it's easy to find following the Motlawa riverbank.

Enjoy the Panoramic view from Bazylika Mariacka 
The church itself is amazing. Lots of small details to look at. Inside you can buy entrance to the tower. Steep and 400 steps later you are awarded with a fantastic view of Gdansk.

Visit Murale Gdansk Zaspa

Most reviews talk about the Wall Art. I was more impressed by the social fact. They took a neighborhood of the lower class and they made it a unique and interesting place for the people living there. Gave them something to be proud of and by the way attracts visitors as well. It was just amazing to walk around in the used to be an ugly neighborhood that they have tried to make nicer. What struck me most is the sheer size of the murals and the number of them. They are really everywhere! The quality varies, for sure, but some are splendid. It is also a walk that allows you to discuss the murals, including which ones you like most.

Gdansk by Kayak

A great way to explore Gdansk away from the wild crowds and the hustle and bustle. Guides professionally prepared and at the same time amazing! I recommend to everyone an unforgettable experience MORE INFO

Go to Hala Targowa Market 

I loved the food court downstairs. The smell of all the meats and the sausages is Yummy. The place is clean. We bought the food for our breakfast in the rented apartment. The Polish bread is not great but the cold cut - divine !!The upper floor is not impressive, not to mention the old fashion of these clothes.In the corner they have a small bar - Great food - funny prices.

Visit Castle of Teutonic Knights in Malbork

It is the largest castle in the world measured by land area and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. We have spent the whole day at the castle and it was definitely worth it. . Inside you can get an audio guide and start the tour. Since audio guide is location triggered you will have a tour at your pace. You will see different rooms, amber jewelries, weapon and armor exhibitions. All of them are nicely and interestingly described by a guide. Inside you can find also 3 souvenirs shops and at least one restaurant. Prices are acceptable and dishes are very big! Advise!!If arriving from Gdansk by train, get off train one station before Malbork central station to enjoy the views of the castle from the rivers

Must see the Słowiński National Park in Leba
If you like nature, Slowinski National park is definitely worth to see. Do not enter this park from Leba, it´s overcrowded. We entered the park from Swiedzino where we left our car and we enjoyed a nice beach, we walked through duna and rode a bike through the forrest. Bikes are the best transporters in the park. 
Find more info about my Journey to Słowiński National Park HERE

We have visited many parts of Europe and many parts of Poland but Gdansk is different, it is gorgeous and must be visited!



Looks great Gdansk is on my to visit list
Lauren said…
You have taken some great photos! It looks great!

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