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Έχοντας στην κατοχή μου την νέα κάμερα της Canon EOS250D για δύο εβδομάδες θα μοιραστώ την εμπειρία μου μαζί της ! 
Στο Πακέτο θα βρούμε : 
1. Σώμα ψηφιακής φωτογραφικής μηχανής EOS 250D 2. Προσοφθάλμιο EF 3. Κάλυμμα μηχανής R-F-3 4. Πλατύς ιμάντας EW-400D-N 5. Φορτιστής μπαταριών LC-E17E 6. Συστοιχία μπαταριών LP-E17 7. Καλώδιο ρεύματος 8. Κιτ εγχειριδίων χρήστη

Tι υπόσχεται η εταιρεία ; 
Μικρό μέγεθος, μεγάλες δυνατότητες 
Αυτή την στιγμή μιλάμε για την πιο ελαφριά DSL φωτογραφική μηχανή στο κόσμο  το βάρος είναι μόλις  449 γραμμάρια χωρίς το φακό . Αυτό από  μόνο του είναι ένα πάρα πολύ σοβαρό κριτήριο επιλογής καθώς εγώ προσωπικά λόγω της έντονης δραστηριότητα  μου δεν μπορώ να έχω υπερβολικό βάρος μαζί μου . Συνήθως χρησιμοποιώ action κάμερες όμως με την EOS 250D τα πράγματα ήταν διαφορετικά καθώς ενώ είχα την κάμερα μαζί μου πολλές φορές δεν αντιλαμβανόμουν ότι ήταν κρεμασμένη στο λαιμό μου . Αυτό από μόνο του με έκανε να την αγαπήσω.

Οθόνη μεταβλητής γωνίας .
Η οθόνη μεταβλητής γωνίας σε συν…


Ιn summer one of our favorite ways of excursion is camping.The first hot days of June arrived and we must leave the city looking for a fresh cool adventure. 

So we decided to visit Delphi.For many the center of the ancient world because there in the temple of Apollo housed the most famous oracle of the ancient world.Εveryday people around the ancient World were visiting it to get answers for the present and the future.As a child, the ancient civilizations have impressed me maybe more this trip in the past looking for answers to their mystries We started early in Athens to have the whole day ahead of us and we should not rush to make the archaeological site.After the tour there is a camp at the foothills of Parnassus. There we will stay at night. Here is the official site ofDelphi Archaeological Museum (Tickets-Hours-Services)
Τhe archaeological site of the Delphi is ideal for hiking.Summer months I recommend visiting the area early in the morning or near the sunset also to have the neces…


Ιt's late May, summer has come and I'm ready for the next adventure.Where else;Of course in my homeland Skopelos.This time it will be different as I will have the opportunity to be a member of the Cosmote's Rigger Team .Together  we will spend a two-day adventure on the beautiful island of Skopelos .On the first day we walked on Retsina Trail one of the many old paved paths (cobbled streets) of Skopelos  and the second day we will do a rappel from Mama Mia Cliff . 

Mama Mia Cliff 

Chapel of St.John the Baptist is located on the northern side of the island, very close to the village of Glossa.It is built next to the sea, on the top of a rock with 100 carved steps.  

Briefing Time from the best climber in Greece Aris Theodoropoulos Αt this time we will be informed about the peculiarities of the rock and what to watch for us to enjoy rappel. For those who will be the first time, the most experienced people have helped us to understand the basics so that we can safely descend the…


Skopelos is one of the islands of the Northern Sporades, the second island in the series after Skiathos. It has an area of ​​approximately 96 sq. km and a perimeter of 67 km. It has two mountains, Palouki (565 m height) and Delfi (680 m height).

Full of thick forests covering almost 80% of its area, it is considered to be the greenest island of the Aegean. Skopelos Town is a traditional island town with typical architecture and beautiful cobblestone streets. It has been declared a traditional settlement. Its nature is stunning and there is a network of stone-built cobblestone paths and paths, surrounded by plane trees, pine trees and cool springs.

The Retsina Path is one of the many old paved paths (cobbled streets) of Skopelos. These paths were the old roads of the island before the bulldozers came to make roads for cars. Many cobbled streets have been destroyed, but fortunately some of their great parts are still preserved. Of course, they had been abandoned as islanders preferred to …


Kape Sounio

I think it is the best beach of Athena. while you are there, you will think you are making a holiday on a small island of the Cyclades. If you have visited the Poseidon Temple in Sounio then make a stop for a little swim. There is a nice bar where you can enjoy a cool beer overlooking the Aegean .The beach is not organized, so you will need an umbrella

 Sesi Beach

It is located outside the village of Sesi, 22 km from the Marathon Tomb and just 45 minutes from Athens , beach with fine pebbles and sand, crystal clear waters and salt lakes , ideal for families. There is also a small tavern where you can eat something if you are hungry . I suggest you get to the beach early in the morning because later there will not be enough parking space for your car. The road is good , only 200 meters from the coast the road becomes dirt if you do not have a jeep it would be better to leave the car back and walking to the beach.

Τsonima Beach

At a distance of 20 kilometers from the center…