Ιn summer one of our favorite ways of excursion is camping. The first hot days of June arrived and we must leave the city looking for a fresh cool adventure. 

So we decided to visit Delphi. For many the center of the ancient world because there in the temple of Apollo housed the most famous oracle of the ancient world. Εveryday people around the ancient World were visiting it to get answers for the present and the future. As a child, the ancient civilizations have impressed me maybe more this trip in the past looking for answers to their mystries
We started early in Athens to have the whole day ahead of us and we should not rush to make the archaeological site. After the tour there is a camp at the foothills of Parnassus. There we will stay at night. Here is the official site of  Delphi Archaeological Museum (Tickets-Hours-Services)

Τhe archaeological site of the Delphi is ideal for hiking. Summer months I recommend visiting the area early in the morning or near the sunset also to have the necessary sun protection (hat-sun-water)

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We arrived in the Camp (Delphi Camping) at noon. Located at the foot of the Parnassus, you can see the view of the olive grove of Viotia and the  traditional village of Chryso. Τhe olive grove is one of the oldest in the world and the oil which produced there has won many distinctions and awards. In the camp you will find this oil if you want to buy. 

Τomorrow we will wake up and visit Galaxidi .In the picturesque harbor we will enjoy the morning coffee :) 

Galaxidi is a seaside town of Fokida and belongs to the expanded Municipality of Delphi. It is located on the northern coast of the Corinthian Gulf and specifically on the west side of Itea Bay. He is well known for the shipping he had developed in the past century and for his picturesque nature. Reasons for summer attract enough people. 

But most beaches in the area have been redeemed unsuitable for swimming due to contamination. The only commendable beach is that of the Agios Vasileios(Google Maps). We preferred not to swim and take the way back to Athens. Early in the afternoon we had returned to Athens.