Ιt's late May, summer has come and I'm ready for the next adventure. Where else; Of course in my homeland Skopelos. This time it will be different as I will have the opportunity to be a member of the Cosmote's Rigger Team . Together  we will spend a two-day adventure on the beautiful island of Skopelos . On the first day we walked on Retsina Trail one of the many old paved paths (cobbled streets) of Skopelos  and the second day we will do a rappel from Mama Mia Cliff . 

Mama Mia Cliff 

Chapel of St. John the Baptist is located on the northern side of the island, very close to the village of Glossa. It is built next to the sea, on the top of a rock with 100 carved steps.  

Briefing Time from the best climber in Greece Aris Theodoropoulos Αt this time we will be informed about the peculiarities of the rock and what to watch for us to enjoy rappel. For those who will be the first time, the most experienced people have helped us to understand the basics so that we can safely descend the rock followed by a description of the basic equipment we use on rappel and a brief practice on the tree to  comprehend  how the downhill rappel system works.
Εverything is ready, Because it's my first time I won't do it alone but with an experienced rigger. I just got out of the railings and looked at the height I was afraid but my thirst for adventure was bigger. During the rappel I felt fascinated, the fear was gone . For the first time I was looking at the view from this point. It was awesome !!!
Αt the end it needs the appropriate recovery !!