Kape Sounio

I think it is the best beach of Athena. while you are there, you will think you are making a holiday on a small island of the Cyclades. If you have visited the Poseidon Temple in Sounio then make a stop for a little swim. There is a nice bar where you can enjoy a cool beer overlooking the Aegean .The beach is not organized, so you will need an umbrella

 Sesi Beach

It is located outside the village of Sesi, 22 km from the Marathon Tomb and just 45 minutes from Athens , beach with fine pebbles and sand, crystal clear waters and salt lakes , ideal for families. There is also a small tavern where you can eat something if you are hungry . I suggest you get to the beach early in the morning because later there will not be enough parking space for your car. The road is good , only 200 meters from the coast the road becomes dirt if you do not have a jeep it would be better to leave the car back and walking to the beach.

Τsonima Beach

At a distance of 20 kilometers from the center of Keratea there is a small sandy beach. It is advisable to get the necessary supplies because the beach is not organized. Τhe beach is relatively small but beautiful very clear crystal clear waters. It has a terrace along where you can sit in the shade if you do not have an umbrella. It is not organized but has a shop with great coffee and good prices. In the same shop you can also make a shower with a charge of 0.50 €. The negative is the relative difficulty in parking especially at peak hours .

Porto Ennea

Porto Ennea sandy beach is located in the area of Keratea. A great choice for those who want a quiet Attica beach (except weekends) with easy access. Equip yourself with the necessities, as the beach is unorganized. Ideal destination for those who want to enjoy the sand of the beach and its crystal clear waters.

Agios Nikolaos

What to say about this beach of Attica! When you get down the stairs you will forget that you are in Attica. Sandy coast with fantastic views and a bar you will find descending to the beach, which is worth visiting.