Skopelos belongs to the Northern Sporades and has three main ports: Skopelos, Agnontas and Glossa .Skopelos  is the capital of the island, located on the north side of the island. Its ancient name was "Peparithos", by the son of Dionysus and Ariadne, who was the first resident here. Emerald waters on dreamy coasts, Pelion architecture, natural beauties, imposing monasteries and authentic island atmosphere make up the image of Skopelos, one of the greenest islands of Greece, since most of it is covered with virgin pine forest

How to get to Skopelos 

By Ship: 

From Volos
From Agios Konstantinos 
From Kimasi Mantoudi Evia 
From Kimi Evia 

Time Table:
Anes Ferries - Hellenic Seaways - Aegean Flying Dolphins - Skyros Shipping

By Plane :
To Skiathos Island 

Where to Stay 

For Families : Neo Klima , Panormos, Stafylos , Loutraki , Agnontas

For Couples : Skopelos Town , Glossa 

For Nature-lovers : Glossa 

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Skopelos Beaches 

There are plenty of beaches on the island, serving all the expectations of the visitors. beaches that are organized with bars and canteens and beaches that are isolated by offering guests tranquility enjoying the natural scenery in combination with the sound of the sea.

Organized Beaches 

- Μama Mia Cliff
- Perivoliou
- Stafylos
- Velanio
- Glisteri 
- Agnontas
- Limnonari
- Panormos
- Milia
- Kastani 

My Suggestion  for  Nature Lovers

- Spilia Beach (Directions
- Pethamenis (Directions
- Amarantos (Directions
- Velanio 2 (Directions
- Hovolo (Directions)

Things to do in Skopelos

Visit Mama Mia Cliff 

A magnificent church perched on the top of a rock. It approaches the stairs that are beaten on the cliff side and of course the view on the rise and the top is fantastic. The church appears in the movie "Mamma Mia", attracting many couples who wish to make their wedding there!

Outdoor Activities

Ιf you are a lover of outdoor activities there are several teams intending to show you the natural beauty of my island. Ιn the next links you will find their websites so that you can contact them.

Walking in picturesque Village of Glossa  

Narrow streets, often paved, facades of houses that have remained unchanged over the years and blooming balconies make up a scenery  that began from another era. In its cobblestone streets there will still meet women with local costumes, dresses and inhabitants who maintain their traditional way of life. You could make a stop in Palió Klíma  is a picturesque village close to Glóssa that suffered great damage during the earthquake of 1965.

Discover Byzantine Monasteries

Impressive Byzantine monasteries, like Evangelistría (directions) and Timiou Prodrómou (directions), built in idyllic locations. The old Monastery of Evangelistría, east of Hóra, was renovated in 1712 and is famous for its fortress-like precinct and its breathtaking view of the Port and Hóra.

Enjoy The Sunset 

Here (Loutraki - Lighthouse ) are the best places in island where you can enjoy the sunset .

What you should Taste 
- Skopelos Cheese Pie
- Local almond sweets
- Fresh Fishes 
- Skopelos's Plum 
- Skopelos's Goat Recipes 

Useful Phones 

Police : +302424022235
Μunicipality: +302424022250
Fire Department:+302424024199
Port Authority:+2424 022180