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Διάβασε στα Ελληνικά Bratislava is n't the destination of your dreams, but a visit will convince you that the capital of Slovakia is a pleasant surprise of central Europe. Just 60 km away from the capital of Austria, Vienna, the city of 430,000 inhabitants is a small oasis that does not differ in much of Greece. Though miniature (48 hours and only enough to discover every corner of the city) it features temperament, glamor and thousands coffee with the most delicious delicacies.
The modern one speaks with the medieval and gives birth to the center of Bratislava
The charming old town in the city center is the place that will motivate you to start appreciating Bratislava. A walk in the narrow pedestrianized streets with the pastel buildings of the 18th century. Although it is in the shadow of two major Central European capitals (Vienna, Prague), Bratislava is a rising destination that has been among the first preferences of young tourists looking for nightlife in a picturesque capital c…


Διάβασε στα Ελληνικά
When I was a child  influenced by the Anime series at night I usually dreamed of flying. All people we have dreamed of something similar.Maybe it is this sense of freedom that all people want to feel unfortunately the fast pace of our lives does not allow us to enjoy this freedom .Αfter some searching about skydive I decided to try it. I will be able to fly in just a few seconds as I did in my dreams.
What is Tadem?
The tandem jump is a widespread and popular way of getting to know it. It is a jump that offers the whole experience and sense of skydiving to anyone who has no prior experience.Flight control and responsibility rests with the tandem instructor, who is specifically trained in these jumps.You rather passenger, and the tandem instructor is the pilot exclusively for you. And indeed, it's a flight.
I should know 
We wear comfortable clothes and shoes, the best is sportswear.There is no reason to change your eating habits, and of course you are not fasting…