Διάβασε στα Ελληνικά
Bratislava is n't the destination of your dreams, but a visit will convince you that the capital of Slovakia is a pleasant surprise of central Europe. Just 60 km away from the capital of Austria, Vienna, the city of 430,000 inhabitants is a small oasis that does not differ in much of Greece. Though miniature (48 hours and only enough to discover every corner of the city) it features temperament, glamor and thousands coffee with the most delicious delicacies.

The modern one speaks with the medieval and gives birth to the center of Bratislava

The charming old town in the city center is the place that will motivate you to start appreciating Bratislava. A walk in the narrow pedestrianized streets with the pastel buildings of the 18th century.
Although it is in the shadow of two major Central European capitals (Vienna, Prague), Bratislava is a rising destination that has been among the first preferences of young tourists looking for nightlife in a picturesque capital city

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We traveled to Bratislava by Ryanair flight from Athens. In the link below you can find a directions from airport to city center.

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Why should I go to Bratislava?

The atmospheric Old Town stretching alongside the Danube and "crowned" by the imposing castle combines history with fun. The thousands of students give their pulse to the city in the morning and evening, as at any time of day if you visit it you will meet people in the picturesque squares to talk and drink their coffee!
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Exploring Bratislava 

The acquaintance with the city will take place in one of the most typical sights of Slovakia, the medieval castle Bratislavsky Hrad, which looks like an overturned table and offers panoramic views of the capital. The Danube spreads out in front of you through the Gothic castle towers.
View from the Castle
The medieval castle of Bratislava, with Gothic and Renaissance architectural elements, was built in the 10th century, renovated by Maria Theresia in 1766, destroyed by a fire in 1811 and reconstructed in 1953 by the Communist regime. Today, within the Bratislavsky Hrad are housed the Treasury, the National Museum and the Folk Music Museum.

You are free to follow whatever path you want to get out of the castle, as each strait has its own beauty. Wandering in the Old Town will start off the Michalska Venturska streets, with countless cafes and baroque buildings.Then, after wandering around the narrow streets of the center, Michalska Brana, the only one of the four gates of the medieval city to be preserved until today, is a milestone of Bratislava.Below the gate, you will see a "Zero Point", from which the mileage is measured with the other capitals of the world.

Finally, you will not leave the city if you do not walk to the trademark of modern Bratislava, the futuristic bridge Novy Most, which joins the banks of the Danube and at the top hosts a UFO-like platform where you can drink it coffee shop enjoying the views of the city.

10 Things to do in Bratislava 

1. Find the medieval castle Bratislavský hrad 

2. Discovered the bronze statues of the city

3. Go to the Novy Most Bridge 

4. Exploring the nightlife of the city

5. Walk to the old town

6. The Castle of Devin 

7. Cathedral of San Marino

8. Τhe tower of St. Michael

9.  Michalska Brana Gate ("0 Point")

10. Try Ηaluski 

Panoramic view from the City
 Bratislava to Vienna

Most visitors to this city also go to Vienna. Did you know that Bratislava with and Vienna are the closest capitals to Europe? Only 45 minutes away by bus !! So if you come to Bratislava, don't miss out on a one-day excursion to the Austrian capital. To get to Vienna take the bus from the central bus station. Just click on the link below