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Διάβασε στα Ελληνικά 
  • A little information about Jordan
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan or simply Jordan is a Middle Eastern country. It borders with Syria in the north with Iraq in the north east with Saudi Arabia in the east and south and finally with Israel in the west. The total population of the country is about 10 million and is entirely Arab. Most Jordanians are Sunni Muslims while there are many Shiites and Ahmadis. The King is the supreme leader of the State. The prime minister oversees the work of the government and rules in co-operation with the king. You have to know that people love the king very much and have photos of him everywhere in buildings and shops. Whenever you want to ask something , it  should be with absolute respect. The main source of revenue is tourism unfortunately since 2011 after the war in Syria there is a sharp decline. Jordan is also one of the most important gastronomic destinations in the world.

  • Is it safe to travel to Jordan?
As I said before, Jordan has lost a lot of tourism since the war in neighboring Syria. Many tourists are afraid to travel to the Middle East. My friend Mohammed told us that all these years the war has n't affected his country at all. An important factor in this played out is that there is no oil in Jordan. The only problem is the appeals who have downgraded the area to the north of the country where the  are the borders with Syria . Something similar to our islands in the Aegean. From the first moment at the airport you will feel the warmth of the Jordanians who welcome you to their country. Five days in the country I never felt any danger or even threatening my life.

Wadi Ram 

  • The weather in Jordan and when to go
The ideal time to go to Jordan is Spring, the temperature is good and the day is long. Surely you will not travel in the summer as with high temperatures you will be able to enjoy almost nothing. in Jordan it takes a lot of walking to most of the places to visit but also to the capital Amman. However, because many people travel in the spring, tickets are expensive. I suggest you go in the autumn as we did. the temperature was like our summer max 33 and night 18. The only downside is that you should wake up earlier, eg 07:00 since the day lasts less than summer (especially in November).

  • What about the visa in Jordan?
Traveling to Amman the visa is necessary and costs 40JD ~ 51EURO. However if staying more than 3 nights then it is advisable to take out the jordan pass. which costs 70JD including visa and access to all archaeological sites and sightseeings . You can find more information here. Consider that only the entrance to Petra has only 50JD. If you are traveling to Aqaba then you do not need to get a visa.

Jordarian dollars

  • Where to make Exchange?
When traveling within Europe countries, I prefer to get ATMs from the national bank of each country, However in Jordan it is best to make a change to a western union. There is a maximum withdrawal amount from atm and it is 250 JD as a result you will probably be raised twice so you pay twice commission etc. If you want to withdraw from ATMs Bank Al Etihad has the lowest commission.

On the Road

  • Can I rent a car?
If you are familiar with driving to other countries of course and you can do it. in Jordan they drive from the right. Petrol has 0.70-1.03 liters depending on the region. If I remember correctly, TotalsJ Jordan were the cheapest . 

  • Special Tip 
We were very lucky on this trip since we had Mohamed with us. Ηe likes to meet new people and make new friends. It is not a travel guide whose purpose is to make a profit. From the airport and for five days we met Jordan not as tourists. We got in touch with Jordanians of our age, we danced together with our own and their own dances and we learned a lot about their country. Having Mohammed with us saved us a lot of money since he knew the language and was always looking for the best for us. If you are traveling to Jordan soon do not hesitate to send me to get in touch with him!