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Before you start reading this article first see all you need to know before traveling to Jordan. Once again our trip will start from Athens on a Ryanair flight to Aqaba. In my opinion Ryanair is Europe's best low cost airline. On the company's website you can find cheap tickets to almost all of Europe + Morocco and Jordan. SCEDULE

First day (Athens - Aqaba - Irbid - Jerash - Ajloun)
Day Two (Irbid - Amman - Dead Sea)
Day Three (Dana - Petra - Wadi Rum)
Fourth day (Wadi Rum - Aqaba)
As most of you know, all my trips try to be as low budget as possible. So on this trip the costs were very low for such a trip. The following are detailed by person:
Airline tickets: 56 € (price includes luggage and prioty which cost 24 €
Visa / Jordan pass: 90 € as I wrote in a previous article we got Jordan Pass which includes both visa and access to almost all archaeological sites.
On this trip we were very lucky because through a friend we met Mohamed who is not a professional travel guide but a f…


Fourth day
Good morning from the famed Wadi Rum desert. Films in this wilderness have been made known worldwide, such as Indiana Jones, lawrence of arabia and now Aladdin. A magical natural landscape that if you come to Jordan you should not miss it. In the Wadi Rum area we arrived late at night. There is a pre-desert settlement where you park your car and from there come a Jeep to take you into the desert. Fantastic experience! There are all kinds of camps from cheap to luxury depending on what you have. we chose to stay normal so we had no intention of sleeping in the house but out in the desert to see the Sky and the stars It is too beautiful to wake up and see this landscape. You constantly thought you were a movie star and the landscapes you see are not really but a computer wallpaper. Many visitors stay in the desert for two or three days or more. The climate was very good at night with temperatures reaching 17c and 33c. If you want to know what season is appropriate to travel t…


Third day
Good morning from the Jordan Mountains we are at 1285 meters altitude. In the evening we slept here in a fantastic location. We wake up to drink our first coffee and walk to the traditional settlement of Dana. Dana is a very famous village as signs of life have been found hundreds of years ago. The village had remained uninhabited for a very long time. . Ιn recent years the King has been paying people to live in the village and they are involved in tourism. Very nice hostels have recently been created. Like all over the country, people here are very friendly with us. A lot of trails start from Dana to Petra and wadi rum . If you are hiking lover you can enjoy! Near the village is the smallest hotel in the world. Let's see
Αn old volkswagen and a bed that can fit just one person is enough to accommodate you for one night. The man who was there told us that many Americans choose to stay there for a night.
Next destination is Petra. one of the seven modern wonders of the wor…


Second day
We will wake up early and head south to Amman, the capital of Jordan. The city was built on hills and the roads were passing through. I had never seen anything like it again.Like all urban centers, there is a lot of traffic / If you rent a car it is best to leave it a little further away from the center and walk.
As soon as we parked, we went for breakfast. We will eat at Hashem Restaurant Down Town is the most famous place for breakfast falafel in the City. Even the King and the Queen eat there sometimes. The store is always full however it has very fast staff and the empty tables are filled straight through. It's time for a walk in the capital unfortunately we have a few hours left so we won't be in the hinterland just around the center . The truth is that there are too many shops and you will not see prices on the products because they just want a bargain. Mohammed did all the work for us. so we asked him if it was worth it and we started the honor battle. I can&#…


First day We will leave Athens in the afternoon for Aqaba. the flight takes about two and a half hours. Once arriving at the airport, Mohammed will be waiting for us to leave for Irbid. A city with many students and universities in the north of Jordan. there will be our base for the first two days .

The roads in Jordan are pretty good reminiscent of our own provincial roads in Greece. You always have to be careful. While I am in distress, I will stay awake to hang out with Mohammed. Five hours will be needed to get to Irbid and count on being there in the early morning. Because all three of us are hungry I hope we find something open to eat before we go to sleep. After eating well we left for home quickly. We need to rest, we will have a difficult day tomorrow!
After waking up, we got coffee and breakfast. We will visit the neighboring City of Gerasa or Jerash. This city was founded by Alexander the Great and its first inhabitants as it bears witness, and its name was an elderly retire…