Second day
We will wake up early and head south to Amman, the capital of Jordan. The city was built on hills and the roads were passing through. I had never seen anything like it again.Like all urban centers, there is a lot of traffic / If you rent a car it is best to leave it a little further away from the center and walk.
Entering to Amman 
As soon as we parked, we went for breakfast. We will eat at Hashem Restaurant Down Town is the most famous place for breakfast falafel in the City. Even the King and the Queen eat there sometimes. The store is always full however it has very fast staff and the empty tables are filled straight through. It's time for a walk in the capital unfortunately we have a few hours left so we won't be in the hinterland just around the center .
City Center, Amman 
The truth is that there are too many shops and you will not see prices on the products because they just want a bargain. Mohammed did all the work for us. so we asked him if it was worth it and we started the honor battle. I can't say we bought things from more stores because everyone is selling the same. the point is to get it at the best possible price !!

Souvenir Shop , Amman
But beyond the classic souvenir shops I always want to search and find old-fashioned shops.
You will see a lot of this in Amman
Ιn Amman you can find many old value items but it is very expensive due to the high demand from visitors. Places to visit if you have more time are: The Aman Acropolis from here you will see a panoramic view of the city. Mount Nebo is said to have been buried by Moses, the Roman amphitheater and finally the National Museum of Jordan.

We reach Amman and go to The Baptismal Site of Jesus Christ, the place where Jesus' Baptism took place. Αs the border with Israel is at this point There is a great deal of military security . 
Filling a bottle of water from the Jordan River
The place of Baptism together with the ruins of the first temple
It's almost afternoon when we leave quickly to go to the Dead Sea, one of the must-see's in the country. As its name in this sea testifies, no organism can survive because of its high salt content. Another important fact is that the Dead Sea is the lowest point on the Earth since it is located - 430 m from the Mediterranean sea.

Dead Sea
Access to the Dead Sea is free. there are of course some private hotels that take advantage of the area. But if you overtake them you will find places to reach the sea and enjoy this unique phenomenon of nature.
Make a Spa 
After we had a spa. then we bathed in one of the canteens on the street. Ιt is necessary to expel the salt over us. After this fascinating experience we will head to the traditional village of Dana.There we will rest from a difficult day recharging our batteries for the next two days.

Tafila Gate Restaurant In the village of Al-Ain Al-Baida, Awesome cheap food