First day
We will leave Athens in the afternoon for Aqaba. the flight takes about two and a half hours. Once arriving at the airport, Mohammed will be waiting for us to leave for Irbid. A city with many students and universities in the north of Jordan. there will be our base for the first two days .

Athens airport 
The roads in Jordan are pretty good reminiscent of our own provincial roads in Greece. You always have to be careful. While I am in distress, I will stay awake to hang out with Mohammed. Five hours will be needed to get to Irbid and count on being there in the early morning. Because all three of us are hungry I hope we find something open to eat before we go to sleep.
The whole city eats from this oven
After eating well we left for home quickly. We need to rest, we will have a difficult day tomorrow!

After waking up, we got coffee and breakfast. We will visit the neighboring City of Gerasa or Jerash. This city was founded by Alexander the Great and its first inhabitants as it bears witness, and its name was an elderly retiree of the Macedonian army. The archaeological site is huge and you definitely need a whole morning to explore it . Must see? certainly the Oval Square where the market was the city, the southern ancient amphitheater with the perfect acoustics, the Hadrian's Arch entering the city, the Temple of Artemis and the Hippodrome.

Oval Square, Jerash
Ancient Amphitheater , Jerash 
Hadrian's Arch, Jerash

Don't forget to bring water with you, wear light clothing and a hat !! Take your time and enjoy the architecture of the city that travels you in Ancient Greek culture.

We will leave Jerash and head west to another city, Ajloun. In this city during the Crusader years there was a famous castle . 

Ajloun Castle
This castle was built by a general of the legendary Saladin. Those who have read about those years certainly know him. he was the first Sultan of Egypt and Syria and feared the crusaders. The castle has remained in History because the Crusaders could never conquer it.

Τhe castle has been preserved in very good condition and through a walk through the inner corridors and rooms you will understand much about the architecture of the castles of that period but also about the daily lives of the people who lived there.
Traditional Jordanian Tea
Near Ajloun is the village that Mohammed grew up in. We went for a walk in his hometown. His bride prepared a traditional tea that was fantastic. Drinking tea and walking around the village, Mohammed told us stories from his childhood and his future plans.
Μake new Friends 
We will head back to Irbid to take a stroll through the shops and market of the city and then find something to eat because we are hungry again !
All kinds of Tea 
While we thought we were going to eat at a restaurant we  ended up  on a hill overlooking the whole city. Along with us Mohamed's friends full of supplies to bake and eat there above the city lights.

I don't remember the name of the recipe but I remember it had fresh vegetables, minced beef, olive oil and it was delicious. in Jordan they do not use forks but eat with their hands using a pie as a fork. After eating all the food within ten minutes, we danced together with their own and our own dances and discussed things and situations that concern them and us.
This is how the first day will end making new  friends enjoying Jordanian flavors over the city lights.

Read it the next day from our trip