Third day
Good morning from the Jordan Mountains we are at 1285 meters altitude. In the evening we slept here in a fantastic location. We wake up to drink our first coffee and walk to the traditional settlement of Dana.
The view from the room
Dana is a very famous village as signs of life have been found hundreds of years ago. The village had remained uninhabited for a very long time. . Ιn recent years the King has been paying people to live in the village and they are involved in tourism. Very nice hostels have recently been created. Like all over the country, people here are very friendly with us. A lot of trails start from Dana to Petra and wadi rum . If you are hiking lover you can enjoy!
Dana Village , Jordan 
Dana Village, Jordan 
Near the village is the smallest hotel in the world. Let's see
Τhe smallest hotel in the world
Αn old volkswagen and a bed that can fit just one person is enough to accommodate you for one night. The man who was there told us that many Americans choose to stay there for a night.

Next destination is Petra. one of the seven modern wonders of the world awaits us to explore it. What to say first about this place. In terms of history I'll tell you the basics. Whoever wants to search there are millions of references online for more information. Why Petra? It is simple . a Greek merchant of that time called the area Petra "Petra means stone in Greek"  because in the summer the inhabitants worshiped a deity by sacrificing on a huge stone. In this City lived the Nabatians were ancient Arab people, the ancestors of the Bedouins.

Entrance to the stone cost 40JD we didn't pay was inside the jordan pass read more here. The distance to get around all the monuments is about 20km so you should be in the area early morning and stay until the afternoon. Getting dressed lightly and comfortably after getting enough walking will require athletic shoes and of course plenty of water. Now if you still want to go to the Treasury take a wagon and take a commemorative photo and leave. Ιf you do that you will not feel anything from the energy of this area
Just three kilometers walk to reach the first and most famous monument of Petra and the whole of Jordan.
Crossing the awesome canyon up to the Treasury
The Treasury in 2007 was voted one of the 7 modern wonders of the world
In fact, after The Treasury (Al Khazna) begins a guided tour of the site, the truth is that you will definitely need two days to enjoy it. We were only available for eight hours so we did not catch up to the Ad Deir Monastery.
Ancient amphitheater, the only one in the world made by hand
The Colonnaded Street 
The Royals Tombs
Panoramic View of Bedouin Cave
In the area of Petra you will see many caves where the Bedouins live. Many of them even stay there permanently. People from all over the world go to stay with them, taking a break from the struggle of everyday life while enjoying the unique natural scenery of the area.
The Treasury from above
I will visit Jordan again in order to come and stay in Petra in a Bedouin cave for 3 days and be able to wake up in the morning and enjoy all these fantastic monuments. Another fantastic event is the Petra by Night amazing atmosphere with candles and various representations that you should not miss so if you have the time stay one night in Petra to watch it!
Sunset from the road to Wadi Rum
From Petra we will drive up to the Wadi Ram . We will camp in the desert and in the morning we will explore the secrets of the jeep!!

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