Road trip to Romania ~ Bucharest, Brasov, Sighisoara


  1. The roads in Romania are dual-use Single carriageway.
  2. Romanian drivers drive dangerously.
  3. There are no tolls on the roads.
  4. Even the snow throwing the roads remains open and clear.
  5. Beware of the road from Sinai to Brasov There is usually a lot of traffic. Ideally you should cross the road too early in the morning.
  6. The currency in Romania is "Romanian leu" February 2020 is 1euro = 4.77 leu.
  7. Ideal time to do roadtrip for sure in spring and autumn.
  8. The petrol costs 5.15 leu, which is 1.08 euro per liter.
first night in Snowy Bucharest

Peles castle
The first stop after Bucharest will be in the village of Sinai. There is a palace or castle there. It was the summer residence of the royal family, the first castle in Europe to be illuminated by electricity. It was commissioned by Charles I and is a masterpiece of Renaissance architecture.
Entry price 30Leu / 6.29euro Parking price 15 leu / 3.14euro

Sinai , Roumania 

Peleș Castle

After about two hours (we were late on the road due to snow) we arrived in Brasov City. A beautiful picturesque city of Romania surrounded by forests. Many ski fans visit the city in the winter as the Poiana Ski Resort is nearby. You will find many restaurants and cafés on the streets of Brasov. You have to discover them yourself one by one. If the weather is good take the cable car that lifts you over the City to enjoy the panoramic view.

Central Brasov Square

Snow covered Brasov in the morning

Bran Castle
The next morning begins the discovery of the Transylvanian Castles with the first one in Bran known to everyone as  Dracula Castle. It is the national monument of the country and you do not go to Romania and do not go for a walk there. However, it has not been shown that Bran Stoker was referring to this castle. Whatever the truth it is that thousands of people visit the castle every year to explore it. 
Entrance fee to Castle 40leu / 8.39euro, Parking price 10leu / 2.09euro

Within walking distance of Bran is Rasnov. There dominates the citadel fortress that the Teutonic Order had built in the 13th century to control the area. It has been destroyed many times in the past by raids but was conquered only once in 1612. Inside the castle many footage has been shot from the Cold Mountain Movie. Unfortunately for two years it is forbidden to enter inside the citadel.You can park the car nearby and walk to the citadel in 10 minutes.
Price Parking 10Leu / 2.09euro

From Braşov to Sighişoara after a turn we see an imposing Rupea Castle. For a while I thought the time was back in the Middle Ages at the time of the Knights and the many raids. The name of the Acropolis comes from the Latin word "Rupes" which means stone. This castle is one of the oldest sites in the country and played an important role in area since it was the Transylvanian Moldovan and Vlachia connection point.
Entry price 25leu / 5.24euro

Sighisoara is the medieval city of Romania, founded by the Saxons of Transylvania. Eleven well-preserved towers tower in the historic center of which the most famous is the Clock Tower (Turnul cu Ceas). It opens at 10am so you can step in and climb to the top to admire the panoramic views of the city. The historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has remained the same since the 13th century.

I would like to thank the travel agency visit romania  for helping me organize this trip!