Today, while searching for some photos from Egypt in my archive, I came across a notebook with a list of experiences I had to live traveling in the land of the Pharaohs.

I thought of sharing them with you and I will finally see how many of them I finally managed to realize. The list consists of what I experienced during my trip to Egypt but also some others that while I really wanted to do I could not do due to lack of Budget. When I return to Egypt I hope to be able to complete the list I had prepared long before I did this journey.

 1. Pyramids ✅

2.  ATV Amazing Experience   ✅

3. Old Cairo✅

4. Khan el-Khalili ✅

5. Sunrise from Sinai Mountain ✅

6.  Saint Catherine Monastery  ✅

7. Dive in RedSea ✅

8. Visit Alexandria ✅

9. Visit Luxor ❌

10. Cruise from Aswan to  Luxor ❌

If you are one of those who are thinking of traveling to Egypt, first read everything you need to know before you go. I hope my draft notebook helped you put in a row what you want to experience from this country. If you have something else to suggest I will be very happy to see it in the comments.